The Ph.D. in Human Capital Formation and Labour Market Relation means to train highly professional researchers providing the necessary skills to face in the pedagogical, psychological, socio-geographic, economic and legal fields, both in academies and in highly innovative Italians and foreign companies thanks to the employment of specific training pathways focused on human capital formation’s problems related to the challenges of contemporary society (work and Welfare transformation, globalization, communication and production new technologies, elderly population growth, environmentally-sustainable and social development, psychological consequences of this phenomena).

The training curriculum meant for Ph.D. students is unitary and aims to achieve two goals:

  1. a critical analysis of the causes, processes and problematic consequences of labour and Welfare transformations in the different area of interest of the Ph.D. (pedagogical, psychological, economic, legal and socio-geographical ones);
  2.  researching for a possible solution for specific issues raised by these phenomena employing current publications and the best expertise available.

Anyhow, in addition to the research activity, a practical experience (that is professional experiences, cases, accidents, empirical researches) will be provided to full-time Ph.D. students, third level apprenticeships Ph.D. students, industrial Ph.D. students.